Fifty-eight percent of U.S. internet consumers check their email first thing in the morning. That’s a big number, but not totally surprising. What is interesting about this stat is that these people tend to be motivated to inter

act with brands online for the sake of obtaining deals, promotions, or new product information.

That’s a sizable chunk of the internet population that is interacting with brands online. This something that needs to be quantified further (many brands still treat social media like it’s some sort of incomprehensible magic), and Exact Target’s first Subscribers, Fans and Followers report.

Some more takeaways from the report:

- 38% of U.S. online consumers are FANS.
- 42% of U.S. online consumers use Facebook at least once a day and, of these, 69% are a FAN of one or more companies.
- Another 20% of U.S. online consumers report using Facebook at least once a month, of which 36% are FANS. 32% of consumers have never created a Facebook account.

Not surprisingly, younger users are the biggest social networking brand fans. The 18-24 demographic, the group that is changing everything, has the largest percentage of online consumers who like brands on Facebook (54 percent) or follow them on Twitter (9 percent).

By Mark Alvarez