IT employee confidence is up for the first time in 12 months, according to technology service provider and IT staffing service Technisource's quarterly Employee Confidence Index. Michael Winwood, Technisource president, says that there is “a renewed sense of confidence in the strength of the economy - which can likely be attributed to job losses slowing across the United States over the last few months, as well as other economic indicators registering at more positive levels.” The increased employee confidence is another sign that recovery has begun.

To be fair, technology workers as a whole have fared better during the recession than other employment categories, so their confidence will be higher than other industries.

“The information technology sector in general seems to be faring relatively better than most,” Winwood said. “Despite the fact that many markets are flooded with people looking for work, many IT organizations are still having a hard time finding highly skilled talent.”

It is interesting to note that, while IT workers are more confident about the job market than they were last quarter, they are less positive about the future of their employers than they were at that time.

This jump in information worker confidence corresponds well with the latest quarterly survey by the National Association for Business Economics, which finds that businesses are prepping to rehire and increase spending in the next six months.

Twenty-four percent of companies surveyed said they planned on hiring in the next six months, while the number of companies who were still facing layoffs fell from 11 percent in July to 4 percent in the latest survey.

While some industries, including services, finance, insurance and real estate have seen demand grow, information and communications both continued to decline, albeit at a slower rate than at the beginning of the year.

By Mark Alvarez