Palo Alto-based Socialtext released their self-named business application today. Socialtext 3.0 is designed to enable individuals inside of a company to easily share information, collaborate, and evaluate each other’s work. Thei

r goal of “putting social networking to work” takes advantage of wiki-centric workflow to improve productivity, sales and marketing effectiveness.

The interface is made of a trio of Enterprise Applications.

Socialtext People incorporates social networking into a wiki platform. Employees connect with each other, partners and customers.
Socialtext Dashboard is the individual’s homepage. The widgets in the interface are drag-and-drop customizable, and events and other’s activity is visible in feeds.
Socialtext Workspace is an enterprise wiki for open and flexible collaboration. Content can be created, and comments are easily accessible.

In the video below, Ross Mayfield, the Chairman, President & Co-Founder of SocialText, sat down with Mathieu Ramage in the beginning of September to present SocialText 3.0 to Atelier's readers.