CEO             Mark Wuckerberg 03-29-1997           Domain name creation 02-04-2004           Lunched of Facebook   2005 Venture capital investment of $12.7M from Accel Partners +11.1 million users worldwide  Universities in New

Zealand and Australia joined the Facebook network, after Canada, UK, New Mexico and Ireland 2006 +5.5 billion pages viewed in February Wuckerberg turns down a $750 million bid for its web site, hoping a $2 billion sale Venture capital investments of $25M from three Silicon Valley firms Facebook opens to anyone with a valid e-mail address + $50M in annual revenue 2007 May:  Launch of Facebook Platform allowing anyone to create applications that  interact with core Facebook features June: +8.5M photos updated daily, #1 web site for photo in the United States July:  +30M members registered worldwide First publicly announced acquisition: Parakey (created by co-founders of Firefox) 1700 new applications developed for the web site on July 12th  200 employees Daily new user average: 150,000 Monthly page view: 150 billion   Traffic Graph - Daily Reach Percent (source)