Facebook's new hompage can be seen at www.new.facebook.com. The former tagline was "Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you". They switched for "Facebook helps you connect and share with the peo

ple in your life." They still won't get out of the closet and say that they are a social networking site!

Beside the clean and boring interface with a map and dots, I looked up the different versions in several countries and here's how Facebook describes itself.

The French version says:
"Facebook vous permet de partager des informations et de créer un environnement ouvert et connecté au monde", which (if I translate properly) means: "Facebook allows you to share information and to create an open environment and connected to the world."

The Spanish version says:
"Facebook te permite compartir y te ofrece un mundo más accesible y conectado", which (if I translate properly) means: "Facebook lets you share and gives you a world more accessible and connected"

The Japanese version says:
Now I would go easy on the Japanese translation, and would accept any help with this one: "Facebook, to share information by providing a place for a more open world and to help create connections."

My favorite boring new version is the English-Pirate, clickbelow.

By Mathieu Ramage