Image via Wikipedia Facebook started rolling out navigation updates to its user homepage yesterday, with an emphasis on making the menu bars more powerful and quick to use. Since the new features are still being phased in, most users will still be stuck with the previous design and other people's screengrabs of the new look, just like yours truly. As staff engineer Jing Chen explains on the blog, the top menu will have little icons that trigger pop-up menus for notifications, requests and messages. When there is a new notification, etc, a red bubble will appear on the left near the search bar.

"Home" and "Profile" are now on the top-right, next to the Account menu with its privacy settings and Logout link.

The left navigation menu has been reorganized for easy access to communication options and friend content. News Feed, Messages, Events, Photos and other media are here along with a more prominently featured Chat option.

Interacting with and discovering new applications and games is another aspect of the redesign. Just under the Friends link is a separate interface with one-click access to Applications, Games and another pop-up menu for Mobile options. The dashboards for apps and games will "surface the applications you've interacted with most recently as well as your most recent application activity and your friends' activity."

Apps can be bookmarked on the homepage, and counters will appear next to these, so that when its the user's turn in a game, or some other action is available, it is immediately visible. Just use the "Add Bookmark" button while in an app to do so. All bookmarks are accessible from the "More" tab at the bottom of the left menu.
Feedback so far is favorable, thoughTechCrunchthinks one change is odd: "it looks like videos are now actually part of the Photo application."