"Today is Election Day. Go Vote ." That is the statement on Facebook's Welcome Page today. An entire Election 2008 page has been created especially for the months leading up to now, and even on its last active day there are useful elements to encourage the gigantic number of newly registered voters to follow through. As a special, last-minute push, the site has made this the default start page for signed-in users. "Be sure to take the time to vote! Use the map below to find your polling place and what time the polls in your state open and close. You can also see the nearest Ben and Jerry's where you can get a free ice cream cone on election day." Election 2008 provides a simple Google Map interface with links to coverage, election maps, and mobile alerts.

Another section of the Election page includes a map showing the remaining states that allow registration. With each state having different registration deadlines, polling place hours, and voting rules, this simple method provides an ever-dwindling but legible state-by-state line map. Only eight states allow Voting Day registration: Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Aside from the dedicated Election page, the social platform lends itself to encouraging individuals. Status updates, group invitations and wall posts are constant reminders, as well as a huge, inviting "I Voted" button. The entire page design imparts an irresistible sense of urgency. Of this writing, 29 of this voter's friends voted - peer pressure in real time.

Other sites are providing a similar collective drumroll. Voters are Twittering, YouTube-ing, and Flickr-ing. The YouTube channel VideoYourVote provides a continental United States map showing submitted videos in categories such as Early Voter, Voter Perspectives, Voter Intimidation as well as Polling or Registration Problems. The channel is a collaboration of Google's YouTube and the Public Broadcasting System with 636 videos as of this writing.

So, have you voted yet?