ComScore released its Internet rankings for French Web sites in May, with Facebook and outdoors sites among the fastest growing in the market. The digital statistics site measured the growth of Web sites in France and found that Facebook grew nearly 26%, with tax and outdoor/travel sites also making big impacts in the online world. In March of this year, Facebook launched a completely French version of its Web site, and since then it has steadily been gaining online traffic momentum. According to ComScore, the French version of the site now has almost four million visitors each month. Facebook in France has grown 26% in unique visitors in one month, going from 3,161,000 to nearly 4 million, and one can only expect the number to constantly increase. Tax Web sites, particularly, also had a dramatic increase in traffic, though it should be expected as France’s tax season drew to a close. Such Web sites experienced jumps in online traffic as much as 220%, though that number should fall within the next couple


With summer now in full effect, travel sites are booming, not only in France but also around the world. The prime time for travel is now, and France’s travel sites grew 10 to 11% within the past month. These sites include actual travel sites that host cruises or ground travel as well as sites that provide general information.

Although common sites like Facebook should steadily increase because of new releases in French, tax and travel sites will certainly see a drop in traffic in the coming weeks and months.

As in the U.S., look for scholastic sites to experience a similar jump within the next month, as Web traffic mirrors real life changes.