Online banking in France grew by 28 percent in the past year. 15 million French users banked online in August, according to a recent study. France has one of the best online baking markets: “Of the 37 global markets individually-reported by comScore, France ranked number four in penetration of online banking, with 46 percent of French Internet users accessing online banking sites in August 2008, ranking behind only Canada (64 percent), the Netherlands (51 percent) and Sweden (47 percent),” says the report.

Almost half of France’s 32.2 million of internautes (14.8 million) visited a banking site in August 2008, up from 11.5 million in August 2007. Leading online usage was by Crédit Agricole customers, of which there were almost 7 million. Following Crédit Agricole were Société Générale (4 million), Caissed’Epargne (3 million), and BNP Paribas (2 million).

Internet usage in France grew by 20 percent in 2008, online banking by 28 percent. ING (209 percent), La Banque Postale (102 percent), and Crédit Agricole (41 percent) had the largest growth in users.

The highest incidence of usage was among users age 25-34, at 51.4 percent. “With many from this age segment confronting new financial challenges, such as buying their first home or expecting a child, they represent an especially important segment for marketers to target.”

By Mark Alvarez