Pour nos chers lecteurs français (12 percent of our audience), L’Atelier is publishing Dominique Piotet and Francis Pisani’s great introduction to Web 2.0 practices free. “Comment le web change le monde: L’achimie de

s multitudes” (How the Web is Changing the World: Alchemy of the Multitudes), published by Pearson, describes the change to the participatory Internet, describing the latest web tendencies while interrogating the economic and social theories behind them.

Download available here or at www.alchimiedesmultitudes.atelier.fr

Dominique Piotet is the President and CEO of L’Atelier North America and host of a weekly radio tech watch for the French business station, Radio BFM. Francis Pisani, also based in the Bay Area, covers technology for some of Europe’s largest newspapers, including Le Monde and Spain’s el Pais. His blog Transnets is available in both French and English.

How can you not love a tech book that references Rimbaud in its title?

By Mark Alvarez