A German couple has been reunited with their infant son after officials placed the child into protective custody for fear of child trafficking relating to eBay, Inc. (EBAY). The parents posted their infant son on the online auction site, prompting officials to remove the child from their custody. Claiming it was a joke gone wrong, the unidentified couple, a 23-year old mother and 24-year old father, posted their child for sale for one euro ($1.59). Not taking the posting lightly, youth services officials in Unterallgau, Germany promptly whisked the child into custody while an investigation took place. The couple maintained the posting was a joke and an actual bid and auction would not have been accepted or taken seriously, and after an unspecified period of several days the child has returned to his


This is the most recent incident of lives being put on auction on the world’s most popular bidding Web site.

Recently, a disgruntled Australian man put all of his possessions—including his job, motorcycle, and home—for sale on eBay, claiming it was his way of starting over in life.

Included with the winning bid were introductions to all of his friends and the opportunity to take over his position at an Australian rug store.

Ian Usher created a Web site, alife4sale.com, to keep updates on the eBay auction, claiming he was selling “Everything I have and everything I am.”

Having ended the bidding nearly a week ago, Usher is moving on to his next goal, posted on a new Web site, 100goals100weeks.com.

Recently, 42-year old single mother Deven Trabosh posted herself alongside her house, hoping to entice a shot at love while selling her house on eBay and Craigslist.

One can only hope such auctions subside rather than increase, like so many other online trends.