Bank of America (BoA) has the best mobile banking platform, according to benchmarks published by Gomez and dotMobi. “Applying a universal benchmarking methodology makes the most sense,” said Matt Poepsel, Gomez’s VP of Performance Strategies. “It helps businesses baseline and improve their mobile Web performance so that, over time, they can deliver quality online experiences to all consumers — no matter how they access the Web,” said Poespal. Overall, the best mobile banking site was Bank of America’s, which received four out of five “bars” rating. Chase was the only to receive three bars; US Bank, Wachovia, Washington Mutual and Wells Fargo each received


BoA was also ranked best in Discoverability (how easy a site is to find), with a score of 3.5. The average score was 1.75. Also scoring above average were Chase (3.5) and Wachovia (2.0).

US Bank, WaMU and Wells Fargo scored well below average: all three received a score of 0.5.

For Readiness (how well the web site renders to mobile devices), US Bank and WaMu both got perfect scores of 5.0, and BoA ranked 4.0.

Chase, Wachovia and Wells Fargo each scored 3.0, falling under the average of 3.83.

US Bank also ranked first in Availability (successful transactions and web page availability), at 99.85 percent. WaMu, Wells Fargo and Wachovia were above average; BoA and Chase were below average.

BoA was best in Response Time (for page loads and transactions), responding in 2.50 seconds, against an average of 4.44 seconds. Wells Fargo and Wachovia were also above average, while Chase, US Bank and WaMu were below.

Finally, in Consistency (how the site performs on different mobile carriers and in different geographic regions and time), BoA again ranked first. Both it and Wells Fargo had Consistency scores of 2.08 seconds. The average was 3.26 seconds. Chase was the worst at 4.69 seconds.

By Mark Alvarez