It’s obvious that the internet is everywhere: on our laptops of course, but also on mobile phones, on netbooks and tablets, on portable game consoles, personal navigation devices… And cars? For a lot of drivers, it w

ould be a dream to prepare their route at their desk and send it directly to their car, without having to print paper directions or lose time typing it in their GPS.

Actually, this kind of connectivity between cars and computers is already available; Google has been working on this functionality for a long time. That’s it has partnered with the automotive industry to bring services like Local Search into cars.

For example, three years ago, Google launched, in partnership with with BMW, a new service named “Send To-Car.” It’s a feature which allows users to send a business listing or address found on Google Maps directly to their car; drivers can then set the information as the destination for the in-car navigation system. On Google Maps, users just need to tap their desired destination and send it to their cars via a dedicated pop-up window. When they are in their car, a “virtual adviser” shows them the route.

More recently, (in the beginning of this year), The Mountain View company and Audi brought Google Earth directly into the new A8 (the Audi limo), allowing drivers to enjoy 3D satellite imagery and geo information relevant to their current location.

Recently, the Google Automotive teams have extended the partner base to more than 20 car brands worldwide, including GM, Lincoln, Mercury, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Pontiac.

The service now works in 19 countries.

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By Romain Chapron