You have awakened on a friend’s couch with an outstretched hand in a crumpled bag of stale tortilla chips. On the coffee table, a laptop rests against a near empty bottle of Maker’s Mark. Your groggy eyes come into focus—one drunken email to Myrna Minkoff: a treacherous ex-wife from the past. If only there had been a friend or family member to navigate you. If only you had the proper safeguards. If only you had Google’s new software “Mail Goggles.”

Google understands your plight. Google wants to be that friend; the one who steers you away from the destructive path of intoxicated emails to estranged and forbidden lovers. Mail Goggles was created for exactly such situations.

When installed, Goggles is defaulted to operate only on Friday and Saturday nights. Before you can impulsively click send on that myopic screed to Myrna Minkoff, Goggles requires you to answer a series of basic math problems. Only then can you seek forbidden love, only then can you demand those iconoclastic changes from your boss.

“Hopefully Mail Goggles will prevent many of you out there from sending messages you wish you hadn't. Like that late night memo—I mean mission statement—to the entire firm,” said Gmail engineer John Perlow on their official blog.