Another search engine can be counted in Google's numbers, Google Movies ( The service has been launched in the US, but a more robust version is available in France. Previously, typing a film title into the Google search bar would likely be headed with a result from French site AlloCiné (French for "blockbuster"), a go-to for movies, TV series and celebrity news. But now, that coveted spot at the top of a Google Search results list will be taken by a Google movies link. Users will be directed to a new page that is aesthetically identical to the austere pages of other Google services.  This page has current screenings and ratings from film critic publications.

While Google Movies has search numbers on its side, Frederick Krebs, director of group marketing at AlloCiné plays it cool. "It's been a long time coming," he says about the film site competition. "We are confident of our strengths." What are those strengths? The company has been around for fifteen years as a news provider-by-telephone, and claims seventy percent of the film-going French web with five million unique visitors on its site in September 2008. According to Figaro, the term "allociné" is used more often in Google search than the word "cinema," so this may also point to the site's continuing success.

As for the effect that the new site will have in the US, movie times are available on a variety of news and film sites ranging on the scale of chaotic. Because of Google's proprietary search default, they may come ahead domestically simply because of this instead of from any intrinsic superiority.