Nielsen has just published its 2008 top ten list for various media. Besides the alarming fact that the top four TV programs were either American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, the lists give good insight into this year’s tech trends. 2008’s top ten web sites are: 1. Google (120,498,000 Average Monthly Unique Audience) 2. Yahoo! (114,872,000) 3. MSN/Windows Live (98,414,000) 4. Microsoft (95,479,000) 5. AOL Media Network (90,193,000) 6. YouTube (72,623,00) 7. Fox Interactive Media (68,780,000) 8. eBay (54,680,000) 9. Wikipedia (54,505,000) 10. Apple (49,303,000)

The top ten websites visited over mobile phone for 2008 are:

1. Yahoo Mail
2. Google Search
3. Gmail
4. Weather Channel
6. MSN Hotmail
7. Google Maps
8. AOL Email
9. CNN News
10. Facebook

The ratings also have some interesting demographics showing that the Washington DC area is perhaps more tech savvy than Silicon Valley.

The Washington DC area leads in adults who spent more than $500 online. 39 percent of DC metro residents did, followed by the San Francisco/San Jose area (35 percent), the Seattle/Tacoma area (34 percent), and Honolulu (33 percent).

The DC area also had the highest MP3-player penetration: 40 percent of households there reported owning one. Following are Salt Lake City (39 percent), SF/San Jose (38 percent), and the Providence/New Bedford metro area (36). The national average is 30 percent.

The Bay Area has the highest percentage of downloaders in the nation, as 32 percent of adults had downloaded videos, music, or games in the month before the poll. San Diego (31 percent), Austin (31 percent), Washington DC (30 percent), and Salt Lake City (29 percent) all closely followed.

The list also shows iPhone’s massive penetration in the mobile market, as it is now the 4th most used mobile phone; 1.5 percent of mobile owners own the Apple product. Motorola’s RAZR is by far the most owned at 9.3 percent.

Read the entire list here (pdf).

By Mark Alvarez