French president Nicolas Sarkozy was a victim of online bank fraud. “Small amounts” of money were stolen from his bank account in a phishing scam. The attack, which happened last month, was revealed in Le journal du Dimanche. “[This] proves the system of Internet checking is not infallible,” French secretary of state for consumer affairs Luc Chatel said. “These cases are sufficiently rare that we haven’t had to really organize ourselves, but [are] sufficiently serious for us to reflect on how to improve the system.”

Chatel says there has been a 9 percent increase in online baking fraud in France this year.

Two suspects have been arrested in Yvelines, a suburb of Paris. A source close to the investigation says that the thieves did not know the account belonged to the president. Sarkozy’s bank might be penalized for “misuse of personal data.”

This is the second case of a politician getting info-hacked in the last two months. While many of us are victims of internet fraud, while many of those cases go undocumented and unprosecuted, it’s amazing how quickly perpetrators are found if the government's the victim.

By Mark Alvarez