Our society becomes aware that green solutions are a way to respond to the « Big Monster », the global warming. Lamarguerite, now a valued contributor of Atelier, gives you the point of view of a Green Girl Wannabe on the to


Consumer or Citizen?
Robert Reich was the guest on NPR’s All Things Considered a few days ago. The occasion was the release of his new book, “Supercapitalism”. His point, about the divided mind of the consumer and citizen really caught my attention.
The Big Monster
Global warming feels like a monster without a head. A monster with a life of its own. A monster so big that it can never be grasped in its totality. My Cartesian mind does not like it. It wants a clearly defined problem with some definite answers.
Green Tips
We all love tips. Americans are suckers for tips, and lets face it, I am too. I can’t resist the daily AOL teasers, like the one I read yesterday, about ‘10 Ways to Improve your Marriage’. I had to click, and read the whole article from tip 1 to tip 10.