Hewlett-Packard has responded to the MacBook Air with its own lightweight luxury laptop: the new Voodoo Envy 133, a piece that is a touch thinner, if slightly heavier, than its Apple counterpart. While the MacBook Air is 0.76 inches thick and weighs in at 3.00 pounds, HP’s razor creation is 0.70 inches thick and 3.40 pounds, VentureBeat explained Tuesday.

Though the Envy is ever so much weightier than the MacBook, it’s made of carbon fiber, a lighter material than the Mac’s anodized aluminum. Other than that, though, the two designs have a few elements in common.

Neither offers a built-in DVD drive. Both present large 13.3-inch screens.

Perhaps surprisingly, it is the HP machine that bears the higher price tag. The Envy will cost $2,099, while the MacBook is at $1,800. Yet the former also includes more features.

It provides an HDMI port, an express card slot, a removable battery and two USB ports. The Voodoo’s designers placed the Ethernet jack of the machine into its power brick and gave it a quick-boot system they called Voodoo InstantOn.

The notebook will use DeviceVM software—which will allow it to bring up a Linux screen in a few seconds. HP is attempting to better accommodate the mobile user by having a Firefox browser, instant messenger, photo viewer, music player and Skype begin working at the same time that Windows Vista loads in the background.

It’s not yet available, however, and HP has not indicated when it will become so. The company purchased the Canada-based Voodoo in 2006 when HP noticed how popular the brand was with gamers. It is also not yet quite clear how successful HP will be with the Voodoo. Formidable opponents it has in the guises of Apple, Dell and Lenovo.

But it has conceived of a black beauty that may give consumers a run…to spend their money.