The best green tech is that which is energy efficient, makes your life better (or at least less frustrating), and saves you money. HP’s new HP Enviro Series batteries will do just that, as they are estimated to last three years. Typical laptop batteries retain their full charge for 300 recharge cycles, or one year. HP’s Enviro Series, which make use of Boston Power’s Sonata Lithium-ion battery, will last 1,000, while retaining like-new power. It is also significantly faster to recharge than standard batteries, which take around two hours. The Sonata recharges to 80 percent in thirty minutes; because of this, laptops will exude less heat waste.

“Independent testing has shown that the Sonata batteries minimize metal pollution by fulfilling the criteria for long life, high capacity, and smallest amounts of detrimental heavy metals (practically zero levels allowed),” says Boston Power.

The Sonata will cost $20-$30 more than standard batteries, but the cost obviously makes itself up in the long run. Plus, if the battery drops below 100 percent power in the first three years, it will be replaced at no charge.

The Sonata will be available in select HP notebooks in 2009, and can also be used in existing laptops. The battery carries the Global Ecolabelling Network’s Nordic Ecolabel, the first American company to do so.

“HP is known around the world for delivering breakthrough technologies and meaningful innovation to consumers. By partnering with Boston-Power, we are able to offer our customers batteries with a longer lifespan and help reduce the amount of technology waste in landfills,” said Jonathan Kaye, director of consumer notebooks at HP.

Boston Power is expected to announce partnerships with additional computer manufacturers next year.

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By Mark Alvarez