Affinion Security Center (ASC) launched last week a new service that fights identity theft -- after it happens. IdentitySecure monitors hacker market places and alerts you if your data comes up for sale. “While breaches are often unavoidable, IdentitySecure provides the proactive searches, early detection and recovery assistance.” ASC recognizes that our personal data is often out of our control. While we can do what we can to protect our it, there’s always the chance of it being obtained from a third party, as happened recently when a hard drive containing the personal information of over a million bank customers was sold on eBay.

"You can't put your data in a box and keep it safe," said Tom Rusin, CEO of ASC. "It's used by all of the companies you do business with, and it's not always under your control. You can't control it. But you can monitor it."

IdentitySecure monitors chat rooms and hacker forums and alerts subscribers if their personal information has come up for sale.It also monitors social security numbers and public records to detect criminal activity, credit history, data sweeps to find if personal information comes up in searches, PC protection tools, and Identity Theft insurance.IdentitySecure also provides an online fraud resolution service in the case that criminal activity has been detected. The service costs $1 the first month and $14.99 a month after.

Affinion Security Center products have been used by banks and financial institutions for nearly thirty years; users might already have used some of ASC’s services offered by their bank.

By Mark Alvarez