How to share information in the most efficient way? This is one of businesses' main computing needs. Designers are trying to solve this problem by optimizing information visualization. Online data lets digital artists and communic

ation professionals imagine the information of tomorrow.

The challenge for information visualization designers is to keep simplicity and efficiency while retaining data complexity. The New York Times succeeded doing it with its Visualization Lab. The online newspaper lets readers create their own graphics from various data sets. The Times Application for iPad lets readers understand news in a totally creative and impressive way.

B2B companies are proposing tools and services to make information visualization more efficient in a business context. Prezi (an astonishing service that let businesses create innovative presentations), and also Lovely Charts and Exploratree are all about creating graphics that rock.

Twitter seems to be the most inspiring social media service for creative designers. Real-time data, short messages, social: Twitter is the jack of all visualization trades! From the famous and beautiful We Feel Fine, created by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, which shows the feelings of Twitter users in real-time, to Trendsmap, a geo-located map of Twitter trends, or Twitterverse, which matches location data and new Twitter messages. Great information cartography that inspires business! We also invite you to have a look at Zappos information visualization or Uniqlo for more great examples.

By Mathilde Berchon