Looking for a home loan, but want to get the best mortgage rate without the hassle of the search process? San Diego-based LoanKrunch launched a search engine Monday at TC50 that offers consumers a free, easy, and anonymous approach to mortgage loan shopping and comparison. Through LoanKrunch, consumers can search loan programs and rates for which they are eligible. Not only that, but the search is anonymous, meaning consumers need not provide any personal information to search and compare loans available to them. LoanKrunch aims to empower consumers with the ability to do true loan comparisons. John Wang, CTO and co-founder of LoanKrunch describes LoanKrunch (www.loankrunch.com) as “the Kayak/SideStep of the mortgage loan industry – we evaluate every loan program to calculate rates based on user input and built intuitive tools so that consumers are in control to easily search, compare and shop for the loan that they feel best meets their needs.”

What about starting a business? FairSoftware, based in Mountain View, is a start-up that allows consumers to start and grow a virtual business without all the paperwork and tricky legal issues. With a few clicks anyone can turn an idea into a business and bring in participants, who are given “virtual shares.” More virtual shares means higher decision-making power and revenue, according the “Software Bill of Rights,” a legal contract that powers FairSoftware. Portions of the revenue are funneled to pay participants and cover expenses through PayPal, while FairSoftware collects a 9.9 percent share.

Presenting at TC50 on Monday, FairSoftware (www.fairsoftware.net) noted that 1.8 million people are blogging for money. By using FairSoftware, bloggers could get paid more for their role in citizen journalism.