Uruguay-based Lynkos bills itself as a ‘many-to-many platform for financial services intermediaries.’ The service aggregates data from services from investment planning to health and life insurance in one place for independ

ent financial advisers.

“It integrates to multiple types of financial services providers and is delivered as a service, on a transactional model, to independent financial advisers; providing a new order of efficiency, sales development tools, enhanced customer service and unlimited growth support,” according to the service’s pre-launch blog.

Lynkos wants to become the SABRE of the financial services industry. SABRE is the world’s largest provider of solutions for the travel industry.

Lynkos v1.0 is slated for a September launch. It will be deployed in more than 150 organizations in 19 countries. It has qualified for the final round of competition in next week’s La Red Innova in Madrid, Spain; the competition is dedicated to Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese technology companies.

This is all the information we have about Lynkos right now, but we’ll continue to follow the company and report back closer to the launch.

By Mark Alvarez