A study of 8,500 Australians aged 18-64 reports that the Internet is one of men’s primary sources of happiness.  The Happiness Index study by business consultants The Leading Edge shows that women prefer many things over the Internet, but men, just a few. For women, the Internet was at the bottom of the top-ten list, rest and relaxation number one. While entertainment was the number one activity preferred by men, using the Internet was third.  52 percent of male respondents were happiest on the Web, whether just surfing, playing online games, or social networking. Only 39 percent of female respondents answered similarly. And, yes, the study did make the Venus/Mars comparison.

The top ten things that make men and women happy:


1. Entertainment (61%)
2. Rest and relaxation (60%)
3. Digital entertainment (internet) (52%)
4. Quality time with partner (49%)
5. Sex/intimacy/romance (48%)
6. A family meal (45%)
7. Pets (39%)
8. Helping out a friend, enjoying great food and wine, physical exercise (37%)
9. Drinking with friends (36%)
10. Learning something new (35%)


1. Rest and relaxation (66%)
2. Entertainment (61%)
3. A family meal (55%)
4. Quality time with partner (54%)
5. Pets (51%)
6. Playing with children or reading a good book (48%)
7. Helping out a friend (43%)
8. Eating comfort food (41%)
9. Sex/intimacy/romance (40%)
10. Digital entertainment (internet) (39%)

By Mark Alvarez