While Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook, was speaking at the CTIA this Wednesday, Microsoft Corp.and Facebook jointly announced that Microsoft took an equity stake in Facebook. It is only 1.6 percent stake that worth's $24

0.00 million.  The two companies will also expand their existing advertising partnership, with Gates’s company becoming the exclusive third party advertising platform partner for Facebook.   “We are pleased to take our Microsoft partnership to the next level”, said Owen Van Natta, Chief Revenue Officer of Facebook. “We think this expanded relationship will allow Facebook to continue to innovate and grow as a technology leader and major player in social computing, as well as bring relevant advertising to nearly 50 million active users of Facebook.”   Microsoft investment in Facebook would give CEO Mark Zuckergberg's (photo) social-networking site a valuation of $15 billion, a value that lays in the way the audience (49 million people) interacts with the site and with each other. By Mathieu Ramage, Media and Editorial Manager of Atelier FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at editorial@atelier-us.com