Mobile phones are now a mainstream means of payment,especially in Asia. But in order for the market to keep growing, operators will have to secure these services to a greater extent.

Mobile payments for digital goods keep increasing

Where does digital goods mobile payment stand in the world? According to the latest Juniper Research study, the number of users of these services should increase by 40 percent, rising from 1.8 billion consumers in 2011 to nearly 2.5 billion consumers by 2015. The main growth factors being the purchase of tickets, particularly for public transportation, and of entertainment-related services. David Snow, analyst for Juniper Research, stresses that if operators want the market to keep increasing "they will have to see these payment services only as innovative platforms on which it is possible to offer added value".

An opportunity for innovation

According to him, the next trends should be "personalized coupons and loyalty programs, and augmented reality services". The report also states that in order to stimulate the users appeal these mobile payment services will have to reach a higher level of security. Especially since the level of fraud experienced in SMS payment or direct billing seems to be increasing.

Asia, fond of mobile payments

Finally, it appears that the use of mobile payment is most widespread in regions such as East Asia and China particularly. These regions alone represented almost 30 percent of all mobile payments use, followed by the Indian subcontinent, which is expected to exceed 400 million users by 2015.