Solpad Mobile, a small and portable solar panel, will help create a more sustainable smart home and, maybe, spread the access to renewable energy.

Can mobile solar panels be the future of clean energy?

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerating the production of renewable energies remains one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Although solar energy production only represents 1% of the world energy today, it has a bright future ahead since for the first time in 2016 its production became cheaper than fossil energies. Indeed, solar energy production is predicted to grow significantly in years to come and could reach 2,2% of the global energy production by 2020.

A new device called SolPad Mobile could help facilitate access to solar energy on the go or directly at home. It’s a small solar panel kit which, in addition to be portable and simple to use, is capable to charge a variety of electronic equipment: smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop, drones, TV and, fridge. Composed of a solar panel and a battery, it can recharge a smartphone more than 60 times on a full battery and has unlimited charging capacity when directed to the sun.

Although its price is still high at this time, it could become a universal charger and may even be of a great significance in a context of energy transition and technological expansion. In other words, devices are going to incrementally emancipate themselves from electrical outlet.

By Laura Frémy