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Movin'On 2018: Michelin's idea of tomorrow's sustainable mobility

  • 07 Jun
  • 2 min

From May 30 to June 1st, a cleaner and smarter future of mobility has taken shape in Montreal. From decarbonization to automation, tomorrow's innovations will focus on sustainable mobility.

Movin'On, also known as the World Summit on Sustainable Mobility, is an annual event hosted by the world-famous French tire manufacturer Michelin. For the second year in a row, it has settled down in Montreal, alongside C2, a one-of-a-kind business conference that helps companies and leaders unlock their creativity in order to better face disruption and change. The challenges faced by mobility stakeholders are numerous. The Movin'On conferences and workshops were focused on sustainable, intelligent, global and multimodal solutions and the shaping of a cleaner mobility (notably in the transport sector, which remains one of the main contributors of CO2 release in the atmosphere, with an estimated 23% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2016). An interesting and interested crowd of approximatively 5,000 participants gathered at the 3-day summit.  Consisting of environmental NGOs, multinational oil and gas companies, startups, cities and governments representatives, as well as banks, these players will have a crucial role to play in sustainable mobility. Among the 40 early-stage companies invited to the startup village, many were looking to revolutionize the transportation industry, especially maritime, which represents 80% of total international merchandise trade. European startup Neoline is betting on the advent of new types of wind propelled cargo vessels aimed at drastically reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. Montreal-based Port Franc wants to create the first transatlantic carbon neutral logistics chain by leveraging a secure carbon market platform enabling their customers to compensate (if applicable) their GHG release. Major announcements were made, including Michelin's commitment to recycle 100% of its tires and produce 80% of them using sustainable materials by 2048 and Quebec's new objectives to lead sustainable mobility through a 20% decrease in solo trips by car and a 20% reduction of commute time for all Quebecers by 2030. Several prototypes of bikes, boats and other vehicles of the future were also displayed. Among them, Quebec-based Lion Electric unveiled its 100% electric minibus, able to travel 150 miles on a single charge. More farfetched was the prototype of a wind-propelled car designed by students from the engineering school École de Technologie Supérieure, based in Montreal. During the closing ceremony, Florent Menegaux, newly appointed CEO of Michelin, announced the event would be returning to Montreal in 2019.

By Benjamin Lesage

BNP Paribas has been a partner of the Movin'On conference since its first edition.