Earlier this week SanDisk announced a compact memory-card based music format, slotMusic . An attempt at evolving the tangible-format music distribution system, it relies on the growing popularity of playing music on mobile devices

, especially cellular phones. Currently participating are Universal, Sony/BMG, Warner and EMI. The little packages of obsolete-upon-arrival will be at Best Buy and WalMart in time for the Holiday Season.

The biggest effect of this strategy from a disconnected industry will be limited to jeering blog posts . But aside from being redundant, overpriced and based on a fictitious user base, slotMusic definitely has its place. Promoting DRM-free media in a mainstream arena like WalMart is nice, in that useless-present-nice way. Unfortunately, the whole move is based on a fundamentally skewed vision, evidenced on the What-Is page , where a microSD card attempts to be inserted directly into an iPod. Uh-oh.