On September 29th, camera manufacturer Nikon will be launching a new Internet connection service in partnership with Wi-Fi Internet service provider Japan Telecom. Users will be able to send photos directly from the camera to an o

nline photo album wirelessly, without using a computer. This Coolpix Connect service (now called My PictureTown), the first of its kind on the Japanese market, will be introduced at the same time as a new camera, the Coolpix S7c.

The Coolpix S7c camera has built-in Wi-Fi capability for connecting to the Internet at any of the 3500 access points in Japan Telecom’s “BB Mobil Point” public wireless LAN. Coolpix Connect includes 100 MB of free storage space via Nikon Online Album, but users have to be Japan Telecom subscribers. Images are selected for upload to the album using the camera’s LCD screen.