Pixlr.com sets itself apart from other online image editing applications in two distinct ways. For one, the Web site offers a similar, albeit less advanced, version of Adobe Photoshop. It is obvious that Pixlr designed many of the tools and options to mimic Photoshop, which is the vanguard of the image design industry. Secondly, Pixlr’s services are available exclusively online, i.e., there is no download requirement. Simply navigate to the website and upload an image to begin editing. However, Pixlr’s services, currently in its Beta version, will have its growing pains. For example, larger images with higher resolutions failed to upload on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers, which subsequently froze.

Although Pixlr’s services are less advanced, the Swedish company’s beta version is a considerable step in competing with software companies. Adobe Photoshop tools such as layers, image adjustments, and the magic wand are among Pixlr’s capabilities. The format is moderately straight forward, especially if you are familiar with image software such as Corel, Photoshop, and Paint.net.

To the chagrin of many software companies, graphic design Web apps appear to be a growing movement in the 2.0 environment. Last month, we reported on befunky.com’s new online photo and video rotoscoping services. In an attempt to maintain its professional edge, Adobe recently integrated its many video, image, and layout design applications into a single platform for designers to work from.