Even with today’s social tools, finding a person’s contact information can still be difficult. Paris-based digitrad hopes to leverage the recently launched .tel domain name to simplify this process. “We turn your web browser into a phone,” said digitrad CEO Micha Benoliel. Digitrad took part in the French Tech Tour in June to demo its new service, organiP, which is built on top of .tel domain names, the recently launched service which stores all of a users’ contact info in one, easily accessible place on the Web. OrganiP allows users to make calls form their web browser. You can type a person’s phone number into a web browser’s URL bar to call that person, or you can just type in their name to make the call.

“We simplify the way people communicate by using your name as a single point of contact for all your communications,” Benoliel said.

Digitrad’s revenue comes from .tel subscriptions as well as from licensing organiP’s unified communications environment to telcos, hardware manufacturers and large businesses.

The .tel release was staggered into three phases, with trademark owners and premier subscribers getting the first opportunity to buy domains.

Since .tel became available to everyone on March 24, there have been over 200,000 .tel domains sold, according to Benoliel. Telnic, creator of the .tel domain, estimates that there will be 10 million registered .tel domains in 2011.

Digitrad was one of the 15 finalists selected by the French Tech Tour ’09 to visit the valley in order to build partnerships with some of the area’s largest companies. The company was also named one of the Red Herring 100 Eurpoe finalists.

By Mark Alvarez