Retrevo has just published a smartphone study that’s a little more random than the ones we usually see, but it’s an interesting attempt to capture differences in BlackBerry and iPhone users in categories most surveys never touch. The study’s sample size is very small, 445 iPhone and BlackBerry users, but its exploration of the self-identities of the major smartphone users raises some eyebrows. Plus, it's fun. An example of the findings: iPhone users find gadget-ownership three times more attractive than a college education in a person (in fact, more than anything else in a person), while the reverse is true for BlackBerry users.

Both groups think old gadgets are a turnoff at a similar rate: 29 percent for BlackBerrys and 34 percent of iPhone users.

(It's about this point in the study that I start to realize I'm never going to get a date again).

Probably the best part of the study is the finding that more iPhone users break up with with lovers via text messages than BlackBerry users, 33 to 22 percent. there's probably an app for that.

iPhone users apparently think a little more highly of themselves than BlackBerry users, as more iPhone users considered themselves extroverts, jocks, intellectuals and media buffs.

“As we warned in the beginning of this report, this data could lead to creating unfair stereotypes but you have to admit, it sure paints a picture of a group of smartphone owners that “think different,” and another more down-to-earth, mainstream group of BlackBerry owners,” the study concludes.

I’m not sure if the study really shows that iPhone users ‘think different,’ but that’s certainly the case in all the ads, so I’m not going to argue there.

By Mark Alvarez