More parents are turning to online parent coaches when they encounter problems with their children, whether it is disciplining a toddler or adjusting to adult children moving back home. With, online par

enting is an emerging business.

Through Web sites like Soundparent, Urbannurture and Intentionalparent parents find coaches to improve their parenting skills and learn what they are doing wrong or improve the things they are doing right.

Parents research the Web sites and hire coaches depending on their needs and the services the sites provide.

These Web sites offer different methods of parenting, from a two-hour assessment to longer 4 to 12 one-hour consultations.

The reason behind the success of the Web sites and parent coaching comes from a lack of trust parents have in their own parenting skills. Pamela Paul, author of “Parenting, Inc.” sees the growth of such Web sites as a sign that the “parenting industry has convinced parents that they cannot trust their children’s health, happiness and success to themselves.”

Whereas parenting was a trial-by-error and word of mouth method before, the Internet makes such information readily available, with more parents growing comfortable online. Also, newer parents are part of a generation that has grown up with the Internet and are familiar with online navigation.

The Parent Coaching Institute certifies 40 new coaches per year, compared to the 8 graduates in 2001.

The parenting industry has made its way onto the Internet, and with some sites offering coaches for $75 an hour, the business of online parent coaching is growing.

By Danny Scuderi
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