Many Facebook users are having difficulty navigating all the changes the site has made to its privacy settings in the past months. The positive that’s come of that is that for the first time many users are paying attention to ma

naging their privacy settings.

Which is indeed a difficult thing to do.

ReclaimPrivacy makes it easy to keep your data private by scanning your profile and rating your settings.

ReclaimPrivacy scans your Facebook settings to ensure that your data is limited to your friends. It also changes settings so that your friends and Facebook partner sites like Microsoft, Pandora and Yelp don’t make your data freely available on the web, either.

Users drag a bookmarklet from ReclaimPrivacy’s site to their bookmark toolbar, then go to their Facebook page and hit the bookmarklet. The scanner works entirely inside your own browser, so ReclaimPrivacy never sees your private data.

The bookmarklet analyzes your privacy settings in six categories, rating your security level for each.

If some of your settings are not optimal (assuming you want to keep your data private), ReclaimPrivacy will attempt to fix them automatically. If this doesn’t work (and it didn’t work when we tried it), it takes you exactly where you need to go in your account settings.

ReclaimPrivacy is open source and its source code is published on the site’s homepage, so that the code and its development “always remain open and transparent.”

Definitely recommended.

By Mark Alvarez