Representing nearly 100 nations and a half a million exhibits, the CeBIT conference is held at Hanover Fairgrounds, the largest exhibition center in the world. Many consider the event to be the paramount trade show for technology and telecommunications, including Austrian native and Californian Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his visit last week to Intel Headquarters in Silicon Valley, the governor ostensibly postured about the importance of the European event, also disclosing important information for startup companies that are interested in attending this Spring.

“We are very pleased that the US Department of Commerce, which is a longtime supporter of the international conference in Germany, has committed financial aid to small companies and businesses in California that will be participating [in CeBIT] for the first time.” Schwarzenegger said.

The governor, however, did not provide explicitly how one would get this financial assistance, which is a daunting task because of the many bureaucracies within the US Department of Commerce.

The CeBIT conference is a good opportunity for companies from around the world to come together and benefit from each other's insights, especially this year because California is the official partnering state. It is the first time in CeBiT’s 38-year history that the partnering state is not a country. The event will be held from March 3-8, 2009 by Deutsche Messe AG.

Hopefully, the Schwarzenegger administration will provide more information about getting the financial aid, so that the most California tech companies can attend the event. The application process has not yet been released on the Governor’s Web site and the information is not available on CeBIT's Web site.