One week ago, Paul Graham, famous essayist and more recently founder of the Y Combinator, wrote his monthly post about some Silicon Valley places that made this location so unique.

Silicon Valley Places: create together a collaborative list!

Among them, he named Stanford University, the “lucky office” which has been the first office of Google and Paypal but also the 280 “which is one of the more beautiful highways in the World”. A lot of people did not agree with P. Graham list arguing that some other places in the Silicon Valley deserved to be also in this list. One of the most famous, Robert Scoble, wrote an article few days after “Silicon Valley places that Paul graham didn’t cover”. He added IBM Almaden Research Lab, the XEROX PARC … and the Winchester Mystery House (!).

What I propose is to create a listing of these places and explain why they matter. Consequently, i created a beautiful tree with Pearltrees to visualize all the information on these places (you can interact with the pearl by following the link):



Besides, i created a map with Googlemaps to show exactly where these places are (you can interact with the map by following on the link):

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If you want to participate, you can put in the comments or send to our twitter account @Atelier_us which places you think could be added to both Paul and Robert listing and we will put them!

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