Smart city

Smart wallpaper designed to replace electric heating in the Smart Home

  • 26 Feb
  • 2 min

Made from recycled fabrics, a new form of connected wallpaper helps to rationalise energy consumption to suit the actual occupation level of the house or apartment.

Even today, heating systems – whether for individual households or collectively-based – still represent a considerable expenditure item for both families and companies. In fact, in most multi-occupancy buildings, heating accounts for over half of all energy-related costs. Against this background, there is now a trend towards tailored systems. Aelectra is part of this movement. The Berlin-based startup has come up with an innovative approach to heating, using a sophisticated wallpaper made from recycled materials, with which the company aims to replace central heating systems. The Aelectra system uses conductive substances in the weave of the wallpaper, which generate infrared rays when an electric current is passed through it. The current is supplied by a battery, which can be linked up to solar panels. In this way, the system is able to reach a maximum temperature of 33°C in less than a minute.

Another particularly innovative aspect of this technology is that Aelectra seems to have got its priorities right: the wallpaper is designed to adapt to people, not the other way round. It can be linked to other connected objects in the Smart Home, such as presence sensors, so that the wallpaper-heating will be switched on only when the system detects a presence in the room. With this sort of approach, the house, which is increasingly becoming a hub for interconnected objects, can also lay claim to being a vehicle for environmental responsibility. A small step for Mankind, a great leap forward for the Smart Home?

By Théo Roux