Greenpeace released its periodic "Guide to Greener Electronics" with the top 18 manufactures of consumer electronics, mobile phones, and PCs ranked according to how environmentally friendly they are. Sony and Sony Ericsson topped the list as the greenest manufacturing companies because of their commitment of toxic chemical phase-outs in the production of their items and their low greenhouse gas emissions. At the bottom of the list were Nintendo, Microsoft, LG, and Fujitsu Siemens mostly because of their products' energy usage. Since 2006, Greenpeace has released the "Guide to Greener Electronics" based on how companies manufacture their products and make attempts to safely recycle old ones, but the newest list has a wider


The newest 2008 list also includes company attitudes, policies, and practices to combat climate change and other environmental issues including energy conservation.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Microsoft received a meager 2.2 primarily because of its use of toxic chemicals during production. The company plans on eliminating certain chemicals by 2010. Greenpeace also says the company is extremely poor in e-waste and energy.

The list examines company efforts to change legislation regarding the environment and how well, if at all, they document their emissions and waste.

Nokia, Samsung, and Dell also ranked at the top of the list, but it does not necessarily mean that all of the companies towards the top are great for the environment. As the top companies, Sony and Sony Ericsson received a 5.1.

The scores reflect how close the companies are to becoming entirely green, with ten being a perfectly green company. Though there is still along way to go for companies like Sony to reach that level (if ever), they have made drastic steps by eliminating PVC, antimony, beryllium, and phthalates from its products.