How can British views on VoIP be assessed when most people in England don’t know what it is? What makes IPTV so promising even though some European countries are lagging behind, and which countries will take the lead? How can you confidently find the nearest free Wi-Fi access point? With the launch of Google Maps and Google Earth in Europe, should their competitors be worried? This special report provides answers.

By 2010, 16.7 Million Europeans Could Be Watching TV on the Net!
According to the Gartner research company, Europeans could be early adopters when it comes to Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Gartner estimates the current number of IPTV service subscribers to be 3.3 million Finding Free Wi-Fi Access Points indexes all free Wi-Fi access points. In addition to their free hotline, the service now features new technology that makes it possible to know in real time which access points are available and which are not
Google Earth, Google Maps arrive in Europe
It’s finally here! With the launch of Google Maps France and Europe, the area covered by Google satellite images now reaches beyond North America.
73% of English Women Have Never Heard of VoIP!
The English know what they’re talking about when it comes to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Results of a survey by Harris Interactive show that 46% of the English know what VoIP is, or already use it.