In this special report, you will find some trends and analysis on the blogosphere. With some key questions, that we assumed to be some of the hot topics of the coming year. Is citizen journalism yet mature enough to be economically viable? What is Apple trying to do in the blogosphere with iLife06? Where are we on the Gartner Hype Cycle regarding the blog phenomenon? And is videoblogging the next kill app'?

The Blogosphere and the Peak of "Inflated Expectations"
For years now, the Gartner Group, the renowned information technology research company, has been suggesting that there exists a curve describing the “hype cycle” of emerging technologies over time. The curve analyzes the time it takes for a technology to be adopted by the market and how it is used, compared to the expectations.
VideoEgg, creator of VideoEgg Publisher raises capital and strikes deal with TypePad
Is it finally easy to videoblog? Only recently has blogging come to mean more than just text and pix.
iLife ‘06 and .Mac: Is Apple Forging into the Blogosphere for an Upstream Catch?
In a spectacular presentation at the latest Macworld, Steve Jobs unveiled iLife ‘06—the newest release of Apple’s suite of digital lifestyle applications—in conjunction with a relaunch of the “.Mac” data storage and hosting system. Takes a Reality Check : Is Citizen Journalism Economically Viable? ( is one of the Silicon Valley’s hallmark blogs…or was. Launched a little over a year ago by blogging guru Dan Gillmor, it was meant to be the citizen journalism site “of, by and for the Bay Area” but is now calling it quits.