You can get your television, your microwave, your car or your cell phone running by simply pressing the power button. Then why do we always have to wait several minutes of boot time to be able to see our computer launching a web b

rowser? Because you have the entire computer running at the same time. Splashtop, a Device VM technology, gives you the opportunity to be on the Internet - with Firefox - in just a few seconds thanks to the P5E3 motherboard that bears their embedded OS and browser. Who better than Device VM's execs Sol Lipman and David Speiser to explain to us what Splashtop is really all about? Let’s watch the demo they gave here at Atelier…    Video 1 - The Demo   Video 2 - The Q&A   Visit for more information on this product. Mathieu Ramage, Media and Editorial Manager of Atelier FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at