A TechSugar article Thursday threw together a dozen Web sites that have global issues in mind. For our readers' benefit, some of the more useful or successful ones are below. The Yahoo! Search-powered GoodSearch (You search we give™) donates a penny per search to a charity of your choice. Started in Los Angeles in November 2005, it is also home to "GoodShop," a coupon and discount code search engine. Hand-me-downs are the bane of most younger siblings' existence, resulting in ill-fitting frocks and too-worn toys. As a necessity for thrifty parents, it is a practice here to stay. What about the needs of only children, or how to pass on the bassinet of the last grown child? Handmedowns.com , the "Classifieds for Moms" offers a solution that not only solves both of these problems (probably for fathers, too), but benefits everyone with a Craigslist-like system that goes easy on the resources.

target="_blank">Care2 ("Make a difference") is a news and action site that focuses on informing and motivating individuals to directly make the world a better place. There are social networking tools that personalize the experience, encouraging users to act within the interest categories that they specify. With sections such as Care2 Causes, News Network, Healthy & Green Living, the focus on everyday inspiration and empowerment is easy to see in its user interface. The Community section includes a personalized networking page, along with user generated groups and blogs.

For amazing design and a great sense of humor, the edutainment site GotRainforest.com ("We love our planet") provides resources, art and more. With a page full of twittering birds and crawling ants, the Music Paradise ("Nature is the Music of God") features several stations that stream green-themed songs - Smash Mouth's "Mother Nature" came on upon this blogger's first visit.