A campaign known as “Save the Developers” is encouraging Web surfers to upgrade their browsers to make life easier on Web developers. The Save the Developers grassroots campaign (developed by a group of programmers) is curr

ently focused on promoting Web browser upgrades from IE6 to IE7, or the latest version of Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Not only will users have a better experience, improved security, and added browser functionality, but programmers will be able to work more effectively.

Although Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has been available for over two years, TechCrunch reports that Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) “still represents 31 percent of all browsers out there (versus only 22 percent for IE7 and 36.5 percent for Firefox).”

Too many people are using IE6 because it’s easy and it works, so the commercial success of any developer requires supporting it. The problem for developers is the headache and stress of creating Web applications that work on five different Web browsers.

To help spread the word, the Save the Developers Web site provides developers with a code that not only will detect if someone is using an outdated browser, but will also recommend an upgrade through a pop-up window (that is, if your system allows them). The user is then directed to a page where they can upgrade their browser.

Supporters of the campaign include Conveyorgroup, Pluggedin, and Geekaholic.

However, anyone can show their support by simply upgrading their browser or passing the word along to their neighbor. Programmers will appreciate it, and the Web will be a safer place.

By Kathleen Clark
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