Coming back from vacation, I want to get myself organized as efficiently as possible. One thing that gives me headaches is managing my different calendars. I should have thought earlier of synchronizing them automatically! So today I’m testing Google Calendar Sync. I am juggling three different calendar applications. I am using Microsoft Outlook because that’s where I have all of my data (e-mails, contacts, tasks, and calendar). I am also using Google Calendar because I need to access my schedule anywhere and from any computer. And there’s the calendar on my Blackberry that I check when I am in transit. I have to do


Google Calendar Sync, released three months ago, seems to be an easy and reliable solution. It offers a two-way sync, meaning any event you create in both applications will show up automatically in the other. You can determine the frequency of synchronization (i.e. every 10 minutes), and also set up a primary calendar to create a one-way sync – i.e. Outlook to Google only, or Google to Outlook only.

Currently, Google Calendar Sync is only compatible with Outlook versions 2003 and 2007, and Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

If you are interested in this solution, I recommend that you check out the official website for detailed information about Google Calendar Sync.

My next step will be to synchronize the company’s Blackberry with Google Calendar thanks to Google Sync. This Blackberry client is also a two-way synchronization. Its use seems effortless. If you are interested in this as well, check the official page of Google Sync.

By Mathieu Ramage