As the nation looks ahead to Inauguration day, President-Elect Barack Obama prepares to fill his cabinet and make his first marks upon the United States.  Here in the Internet, we are also preparing. What does Obama have in store for the politics of the Internet, technology, and information exchange? Formation of a new cabinet-level position for chief technology officer has been discussed since early in the campaign. This new cabinet officer would be concerned with the formation strategies of technology jobs, as well as net neutrality, nationwide wireless broadband, foreign engineer visas, and other issues. CNET , the Standard , and others predict that Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be named for the position, given Schmidt's consistant public endorsement of Obama during the campaign. Other suggestions include Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems co-founder, considered by TechNewsWorld to embody strengths in both the business and technical aspects of the industry.

Venture Capitalist John Doerr offered some advice to the President-elect at the Web 2.0 Summit. According to ZDNet , the basic prescription includes fortifying the currently suffering technology industry with an emphasis on "energy, basic research and higher education - the recipe that started the Internet." Welcoming bright international students to stay and use the knowledge and skills that they have just acquired at the nation's top schools, rather than simply sending them back home is a start. Investing in clean energy is a huge step to not just preparing for the future, but ensuring that there is a future for humans at all on this planet.

The Obama Web site prioritizes all this in his platform breakdown, especially energy. The technology section stresses the importance of an open Internet while encouraging the development of parental control tools, and enforcement resources against child exploitation. More specific planned actions are unfortunately left out of the issue discussion page.