VC-rating site is launching a startup camp for early stage entrepreneurs, TheFunded Founder Institute. “TheFunded Founder Institute helps founders launch high tech companies through training, services, and company-building assignments, such as incorporating the business, filing provision patents, and setting up the books and records,” according to the Institute's site. The program includes mentorships from renowned CEOs, fundraising opportunities and shared equity upside. Mentors include Jason Calacanis, Peter Pham, CEO of BillShrink, Eugene Lee, CEO of Socialtext and Scott Heiferman, Meetup


“The mentor CEOs will use operating experiences, information from, and assistance from domain experts to run sessions and to provide company building assignments. The Institute strives to establish long-term relationships between the founders and the mentors.”

Each semester runs 14 to 18 sessions, held on weekends and evenings, and costs $450 to participate. Scholarships are available.

Sessions include “Your Vision & Idea Types,” “Intellectual Property,” “Revenue,” “Budgeting and Cash Flow,” “Exit Strategies” and “The Funding Lifecycle.”

Classes take place in the SF Bay Area, but can also be attended online.

The Institute differs from other incubators in its funding. Instead of offering base-sum funding in return for an ownership stake, the Institute offers “warrants,” which allows the program and startups to agree on investments during the semester cycle.

“The driving beliefs behind the Institute are that (1) great founders are often overlooked by the current entrepreneurial ecosystem, and that (2) innovative startups have a dramatic positive effect on the global economy,” according to the Institute’s blog.

The application deadline for the summer semester is May 10, and sessions begin May 19.

By Mark Alvarez