Your TV network and entertainment company is now on the main social networks. You have a dedicated page on Facebook, an active account on Twitter. On YouTube your clients watch selected videos. You might be present on MySpace or, Amazon, Craigslist or eBay. Your community manager brings content to your social network accounts on a regular basis and you constantly monitor your online brand reputation. The point is now to give a sense to this global strategy and have the best tools to analyze it. Trendrr is a new company that focuses on helping entertainment companies manage their online community and reputation. The goal of the application is to provide managers the best information in order to give them a global view of what happens and how successful their strategy is.

On a simple dashboard, Trendrr aggregates the online presence of TV programs or entertainment brands and proposes user-centric marketing analysis such as views-tracking, types of reactions per cities or most active segments of population. Despite the presence of a bunch of competitors such as Scout Labs, Viralheat, PeopleBrowsr and Radian 6 – which are not so specialized – Trendrr is used by Bad Girl's Club, the NBC Universal’s Oxygen TV show.

At L'Atelier US, we think that management tools are even more useful when they are specifically designed for a business field. More than others, media and entertainment companies need to be heavily present on the Internet. So keep an eye on Trendrr: it could fit your specific needs.

By Mathilde Berchon