Smart city

Uber and JUMP are teaming up to improve mobility in the city

  • 01 Feb
  • 2 min

Uber just announced that it was going to expand its activity in the smart city by entering the bike-sharing market.

Uber offers different car-related services through its ride-sharing app, from people's transportation (through Express POOL to X and BLACK) to food delivery with UberEATS. This will now change. Uber wants to offer people more diversified way to navigate in the city. In a statement published today, the company announced Uber Bike, a feature allowing its users to find and then book a JUMP bike through the Uber app. The pilot bike-sharing program will be launched next week in San Francisco, where the Uber adventure started nine years ago. The program's 250 red bicycles cost $2 for every 30 minutes – and they are dockless, which means that they can be found anywhere nearby. They are also pedal-assisted: the bicycles' integrated electric motor helps riders to conquer the city's well-known hills, and helps them move faster than its notorious traffic. JUMP CEO Ryan Rzepecki says its mission is to "see more people on bikes – meaning greener, more accessible, and healthier cities", reflecting his company's ambition " to provide a new transportation option that connects underserved neighborhoods to the rest of the city".

By Marie-Eléonore Noiré